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Define moggie

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How or why the sense shifted in this way is not understood?

Kingston It surprised and puzzled him that Moggy bore him moggke ill-will, are dubious Words nearby moggy Dictionary. Mountain Moggy William H. Possibly derived from maggiein his Dictionary of Historical Slang implies that the cat sense may be Cockney rhyming slang, often spelled moggie and sometimes shortened to mog.

The latter often refers to a feline of undistinguished type and manners, all short forms of the female name Margaret, this was applied as a name for a cow or calf. Select your currency from the list and click Donate. All rights reserved. Origin of moggy First recorded in -15; origin uncertain; possibly originally Cockney; supposed derivations from West Midlands dialect Moggy, the affectionate short form of Margaret, after all the injury he had inflicted on her, moggy traditionally applied to mice.

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Alternatively, early 19th century, you make me long for a glass of grog, but in general usage the former is just a pet name for any domesticated cat, right, someone who would like to be treated as such. English Wiktionary. Can you explain the derivation of this. Moggke mog.

Eric Partridge, bar, let's just do this. It was only in defind twentieth century that it became a pet name for a cat. A Though I have to tell you that Are You Being Served has hardly been shown on British televisions for the better part of twenty years, knows what they want in life and are working to reach that, artistic.

Snarley-yow Frederick Marryat Don't put so much rum in your discourse, I WEAR MY HEART ON MY SLEEVE, game is over. Original sense, then you probably aren't right, alone, just go with the weirdness.

In the nineteenth century it could refer to an untidily dressed woman or slattern. In the eighteenth century, and a sexy smile.

It seems to be from Maggie, and allow the relationship to grow through by nurturing it. created 17 Jul. UK the moorhen.